VP Harris Warns Crowd About the Reality of Another Trump Administration at ESSENCEFest

Vice President Kamala Harris attended the ESSENCEFest in New Orleans over the weekend and issued a stark warning to the crowd as to what will happen if Trump is allowed back in the White House. 

Skirting past the issue of President Joe Biden's debate, the Vice President brought the crowd back to reality by speaking truth to power about what another Trump term would do to the country.

"The United States Supreme Court essentially told this individual, who has been convicted of 34 felonies, that he will be immune from essentially the activity he has told us he is prepared to engage in if he gets back into the White House," the VP emphatically told the crowd.

By making her appearance less about President Biden and more about what the nation is facing, the Vice President was able to stress the overall threats to American democracy from Trump and his supporters who want to implement Project 2025.

VP Harris also reminded the standing-room-only audience of the historic record the Biden-Harris Administration has accumulated over the last four years.

Harris spoke about the accomplishments that matter to voters: reduction of the price of insulin paid by Medicare users (which Trump falsely claimed was his doing), as well as expanding access to public health insurance for lower-income women.

The Biden-Harris administration has also forgiven billions in student loans, and the VP drove her point home by asking those in the packed room if anyone had benefitted from student loan forgiveness.

Hundreds of hands shot up throughout the crowd.

"You got that because you voted in 2020,” VP Harris said.