Voter Registration Program For Churches Halted — Because Congregants Registered As Democrats

A right-wing author and activist, Lance Wallnau, recently shot a video explaining why he isn’t fighting to get churchgoers registered to vote. It’s because he’s afraid they will register as Democrats. As he explains, a friend of his invested money into creating a software program for registering Christian voters — and halted it when he realized that half were registering as Democrats.

Lance Wallnau: if Christians vote Democrat, we won't register Christians to vote.
[Screenshot via Lance Wallnau/YouTube]

In a clip Right Wing Watch shared, Wallnau talked about trying to get churchgoers registered to vote. He said that when he asked a friend, who’d invested in software to help pastors get their congregations registered, why this isn’t currently being done, he learned that pastors who registered their parishioners weren’t having partisan results. Instead, their congregations were split across the political divide, and that wasn’t good enough. See the clip below, or full video here.

A friend of mine that has a software…put a million dollars, tons of money into software, to help pastors find out who’s registered and not registered in their church so they could get them registered. Wanna hear something hilarious? I asked, why aren’t we doing that now? We’ve got 40% of the church not registered. SO here’s the problem. I put all the millions of dollars into the software to help pastors find out…he made sure they got registered, then they split the vote 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans, cause the dang pastors never bothered to talk about any of the issues people were voting on…So the 40% that aren’t registered to vote, it’s not enough you get them registered, half of them could vote for the antichrist. They don’t know what they’re doing.

Wallnau makes no secret of his own political leaning. He’s written a book calling Donald Trump “God’s Chaos Candidate,” claiming that Trump as a “wrecking ball” is key to America’s path of fulfilling its “divine assignment.”

Ironically, in June, he tweeted to claim that Democrats will try to “intimidate voting locations” — though he’s the one who is now uninterested in registering Christian voters, lest they vote more liberally than his own preference.

In 2014, Walllnau falsely (and presumably jokingly) claimed that “some cities they let you vote twice. In 2018, he lashed out at Christians who voted for Democrats, or who abstained entirely, and blamed these believers for drug and sex trafficking. This all culminates in his current expression that he doesn’t support a program to register churchgoers, unless he can be sure those believers will vote for Republican candidates and causes.

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