Voter Fraud Requires Evidence — Donald Trump Is Still Offering None

Donald Trump’s campaign has filed multiple lawsuits and launched multiple attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 Presidential election, but so far, he hasn’t produced any evidence to support these claims.

Trump claims fraud without evidence
[Image via NASA/Bill Ingalls, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons]

Trump’s initial lawsuits alleging election fraud were thrown out quickly, setting the stage for further complaints.

Since then, Trump, his supporters, and his team have continued to make unsupportable allegations.

There was the postal worker, Richard Hopkins, who claimed that a Pennsylvania postmaster ordered election ballots to be backdated so they could be counted even if mailed too late. According to Washington Post, he then signed an affidavit withdrawing the allegations. He has since declared online that he didn’t recant his story, but despite his shifting positions, one thing never did surface: evidence for the claims.

Then there was #maidengate — a Twitter account claimed that one voter had been cheated by someone using her maiden name had voted in her stead, stealing her opportunity to cast a ballot. RawStory covered the fallout of that incident. Though the unsupported claim was widely shared, Michigan’s state attorney general and secretary of state say they never received a formal complaint. If the story is true, why did the aggrieved would-be voter never file a complaint? The original tweet was deleted, although it hasn’t stopped the story from spreading.

For Law & Crime, Adam Klasfeld covered another allegation of voter fraud that fell apart with no evidence. Also in Michigan, poll challengers failed to actually challenge votes during the counting, instead acting disruptively, so that they themselves were the ones in violation of law, then filed a lawsuit to overturn the results.

Trump and his groupies and the support staff who work to avoid his temper exploding have carried out big, showy displays, such as Bill Barr asking the Justice Department to investigate election fraud, if any actually ever turns up, and Georgia being urged to carry out a recount. These theatrics can be very effective in convincing supporters that there’s actually something crooked going on. Still, after any number of claims, not one single piece of evidence has yet been shown.

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