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“Vote For Me, I’m The President’s Worst Enemy” Partisanship Hits Maximum Level

“Vote For Me, I’m The President’s Worst Enemy” Partisanship Hits Maximum Level

For four years, the far right has claimed that Democrats didn’t have any platform except hating Donald Trump. Now they’re openly using “oppose the president” as a campaign strategy.

[Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call]

Imagine being Mo Brooks’ campaign manager. What accomplishments are his voters looking for? Perhaps opposing COVID-19 relief, even blasting Donald Trump for supporting stimulus payments? Or encouraging insurrectionists, then dodging process servers for months, only to misrepresent the facts and have a public tantrum when he was finally served?

Oh — here’s one. He’s the “worst enemy” of the President and Vice President of the United States. Is that a good qualification? Clearly Brooks and his campaign believe so. He tweeted out this ad Tuesday, promising that he’ll be the enemy of the nation’s leaders.

He’s not the only one. Senate Minority Leader Mitch Mcconnell has said openly that his priority is opposing the Biden Administration, as seen in the NBC News clip below.

“One hundred percent of my focus is on stopping this new administration…100 percent of my focus is on standing up to this administration.”

So…opposing the president as a complete political strategy?

And here’s a 2019 clip of a Fox News host claiming that Democrats’ entire political platform is just hating Trump.


Of course, it goes back beyond Trump, to the man who is perhaps Republicans’ favorite president to hate and oppose. Here’s a collection of clips HuffPost collected of McConnell bragging that he prevented Obama, during his presidency, from carrying out duties such as seating judges.

The Trump presidency marks four years of projection, in which Republicans falsely claimed that the only agenda of Democrats was to persecute Trump, sandwiched between two progressive administrations that Republicans proudly and openly boast of obstructing.

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