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Vladimir Putin Praises POTUS, Throws Shade at Donald Trump

Vladimir Putin Praises POTUS, Throws Shade at Donald Trump

Russian President Vladimir Putin emerged from his three-hour meeting with President Joe Biden in Geneva, Switzerland on Wednesday and shared a few refreshingly kind words about his American counterpart.

Photo by Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images

The shift in tone could harbinger a key turning point in Russo-American relations, which soured during the waning months of Trump’s first and only term despite the weird and somewhat submissive bromance that Trump desperately wanted to maintain with the Russian leader.

Speaking with reporters at a press conference following his conversation with Biden, Putin said that “as far as the overall assessment, there has been no hostility” between himself and Biden.

“On the contrary, our meeting took place in a constructive spirit. Indeed, we have the right assessments on a number of issues but both sides expressed the intention to understand each other and to seek common ground. Talks were quite constructive,” Putin said, adding later that “President Biden is an experienced statesman. Our conversation took almost two hours. It’s not every world leader that gets this amount of attention.”

Putin contrasted his interaction with Biden with his infamous meeting with former President Donald Trump in Helsinki, Finland, in 2018, and it was pretty clear that Biden left a much more positive impression.

“I mean, his predecessor was asked the same question. He evaded this,” Putin said in a thinly-veiled criticism of Trump. “This president decided to respond to the question directly and in this, he is very different from President Trump.”

Biden will also deliver his own feedback this afternoon.

Watch below via The Recount:

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