Vivek Ramaswamy Says He's Skipping Debate He Has Yet to Qualify For

Vivek Ramaswamy tweeted on Tuesday that he would not take part in CNN's next debate because the network's anchors have been critical of him. However, the Republican candidate has not reached the polling threshold necessary to take part in the debate. 

CNN has made it tougher to qualify for its upcoming Republican debate. In order to appear on stage, a candidate needs to have 3 Iowa state polls showing them with at least 10% of the vote. Ramaswamy has none of those. 

Ignoring that fact, the candidate wrote this morning, "Forget @CNN’s fake Iowa “debate” on Jan 10 which will be the most boring in modern history. We’re doing a live-audience show that night in Des Moines with @Timcast instead. Won’t hold back."

He then issued a list of grievances against the network, including, "CNN Commentator Van Jones said he was 'literally shaking' when he heard me speak. And my rhetoric is 'one step away from Nazi propaganda.'"

He also complained, "CNN Anchor Kaitlan Collins said I use a 'reasonable tone' to sell sinister lies to people 'who aren't paying close attention' and might think what he is saying 'maybe is legitimate.'"

With or without Ramaswamy's presence, the debate with still go on. Only Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley have qualified for this week's event.