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Virginia Sheriff’s Deputy Shoots Unarmed Black Man Ten Times

Virginia Sheriff’s Deputy Shoots Unarmed Black Man Ten Times

A sheriff’s deputy in Virginia drove a Black man home and then subsequently shot him ten times, landing the victim in a local intensive care unit, NBC4 Washington reported on Friday.

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The incident occurred outside the home of 32-year-old Isaiah Brown early Wednesday morning. He was unarmed.

According to NBC4:

State police and Brown’s siblings say Brown’s interactions with the deputy began when Brown’s car broke down at about 2:30 a.m. Wednesday at a gas station on Route 3, several miles from his home in the 12200 block of West Catharpin Road. The deputy, who is white, gave Brown, who is Black, a ride home.

Tazmon Brown, the victim’s brother, recalled that the officer said after dropping Brown off that “Your brother is fine. He’s not in trouble. His car broke down and I gave him a ride.”

A short time later, police received a call from Brown which they claim was to report domestic violence.

But witnesses – including a home health care worker and Brown’s brother – shared an entirely different version of events:

The sheriff’s office categorized the call as a domestic situation between Isaiah Brown and a family member. A source within the county sheriff’s office said he was complaining about his brother. 

Tazmon Brown said he believes his brother just wanted a ride back to his car because he was worried it might get towed. 

The same deputy who helped Isaiah Brown earlier returned. Within minutes, he opened fire. 

Brown’s siblings told NBC4 that the shooting was completely unjustified.

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“The officer just started shooting at him for no reason. I didn’t hear a warning shot. All I heard was ‘Hands up!’ one time. And all he had was his phone, so I know he put his hands up,” said Brown’s brother.

“I’m just still trying to figure out where he felt the threat at, to feel the need to shoot,” Yolanda Brown, his sister, added.

Police are not providing answers.

“State police confirmed that they have body camera footage of the shooting but said they will not release it publicly. They said they could not immediately comment on ‘any motive or circumstances’ related to the shooting. Investigative findings will be turned over to a special prosecutor for review,” NBC4 noted.

Read the full report here.

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