Virginia GOP Now Selling Anti-Education Merch To Oppose Critical Race Theory — Here’s Why That’s A Fail

The GOP is really fixated right now on Critical Race Theory. They claim it teaches kids to hate white people, and divides the nation. Now they’ve got their voter base so riled up about the possibility that schoolkids might be taught about the historical discrimination in the United States that they’re fundraising off the claim, selling bumper stickers that shout their (and their voters’) fear of education about race.

[Screenshot via Virginia GOP/Twitter]

EdWeek covered what this means for the K-12 school system earlier this year, noting that the study of Critical Race Theory does include looking at how racial injustice affects schools, but for the most part, it would be inaccurate to suggest that it’s being taught in the public school system.

For one thing, scholars say, much scholarship on CRT is written in academic language or published in journals not easily accessible to K-12 teachers.

In other words, CRT is really not exactly an elementary education curriculum — although as EdWeek points out, it’s often conflated with things that are taught in K-12, which include facts about U.S. History.

Still, pretending that children are being ‘indoctrinated’ with ‘anti-white’ Critical Race Theory is clearly an effective means of rallying voters and funds.

As you can see above, the Virginia GOP is now selling bumper stickers reading “Say no to Critical Race Theory in our schools.” The proceeds, of course, are to benefit the Republican Party in Virginia.

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