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Video Shows Pro-Trump Gang Beating Protestors In NYC

Video Shows Pro-Trump Gang Beating Protestors In NYC

A video on Twitter shows what appeared to be MAGA hat-wearing protestors beating other protestors after a Proud Boys event in New York City on Friday, according to Mother Jones .

The incident occurred right after Gavin McInnes, founder of the Proud Boys, a self-described “anti-white guilt” organization, spoke at the Metropolitan Republican Club. Early in the day, the Club building was vandalized, possibly in connection to McInnes’ appearance.

Independent journalist Sandi Bachom videotaped the incident in which dozens of Proud Boys swarmed two people who were laying on the ground. The right-wing extremists shouted, “f*ggot” and “you’re dead, mother f*cker” as they attacked them, according to a Gothamist report.

Another video, shot by Proud Boys member Christopher Wright, showed the pro-Trump group shouting “I LIKE BEER” as they walked away after the assault. The beer comments appear to be in reference to recently-confirmed Supreme Court associate justice Brett Kavanaugh’s testifying, during Senate confirmation hearings, that he liked beer.

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In the Wright video, a Proud Boy member could be heard shouting, “I had one of their heads and I was just smashing it into the pavement! I ripped that motherfucker’s mask off and kicked him right in the head! That son of a bitch! He’s a fucking foreigner!”

Photographer Shay Horse who witnessed the attack tweeted, “The Proud Boys even waited to do a group photo after the fights. They were hyped the f*ck up after that. Flashing their white power hand symbol before marching towards a downtown train,” on Twitter.

The New York Police Department told reporter Christopher Mathias from HuffPost that they arrested three people near the event but they could not confirm they were Proud Boys members.

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