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Video: Hannity Issues Mocking Correction After False Cory Booker Claim

Video: Hannity Issues Mocking Correction After False Cory Booker Claim

Sexual assault allegations against Virginia Lt. Governor, Justin Fairfax, have led conservatives to accuse democrats of a double standard. Republicans have said democrats are hypocrites for condemning Brett Kavanaugh, while staying silent on Fairfax.

JD Lasica

This was the premise of Sean Hannity’s opening monologue on his show last night. Hannity accused Cory Booker of refusing to speak out about the allegations against the Lt. Governor. At the end of his show, however, Hannity was forced to issue a correction as Booker has commented on the situation.

Booker said of the alleged victim, Dr. Vanessa Tyson, “I have not read the allegations but it takes tremendous courage for someone to come forward in the way that she did. This is a deeply disturbing allegation that should be thoroughly investigated.”

While Hannity was willing to issue a correction, he did so in his own unique way, mockingly referring to Booker as Spartacus. The meaning of that nickname goes back to Booker’s actions during the Kavanaugh hearing.

The Fox Host stated, “We said at the top of the show that Spartacus Booker has been silent on the Virginia Lt. Governor sexual assault allegations. But earlier this evening, Spartacus spoke out to CNN. Good for him.”

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Watch video of the correction below:

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