(VIDEO) French Talk Show To Trump: “Go and f**k yourself. You are not welcome in this country”

In what was supposed to be a much-needed respite from the chaos at home, President Trump is finding very little comfort in his overseas trip to France. Trump, already mocked by the French Army for choosing not to attend a WWI Memorial due to rain, was ruthlessly upbraided on a French talk show.

 “Go and f**k yourself, you are not welcome in this county, said Yann Barthès, host of popular French talk show Quotidien.

Trump’s harsh statements towards European leaders and admiration for dictators has often made him the target of scorn by our European allies and their citizens. London’s mayor Sadiq Khan, for example, assailed Trump for his frequent attacks on Britain’s immigration policies, even allowing Londoners to fly a gigantic blimp of Trump depicted as a baby.

Trump previously expressed a somewhat fondness for Parisians and their customs following a military parade in France. That, of course, made him want to rip a page out of every dictator’s book by holding a military parade in the streets of DC. Luckily, that costly and logistical nightmare never came to fruition. And one must imagine that Trump’s relationship with French President Emmanuel Macron soured a bit following his rousing speech condemning nationalism.

Watch the French talk show segment below:

Featured image via YouTube

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