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Video: Fox News Anchors Seem Increasingly Worried by the Mueller Investigation

Video: Fox News Anchors Seem Increasingly Worried by the Mueller Investigation

In the last week, Robert Mueller and his team of investigators have been very busy. While there have been no recent indictments, people like Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi feel they could be coming any day.

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Fox News and its anchors have long made it a practice to discredit the Mueller investigation. Today on Outnumbered, however, many panelists seemed worried about just what the FBI might have on President Donald Trump.

The segment began with Trump surrogate Matt Schlapp dismissing the probe as a witch hunt. He was countered by host Marie Harf who said, “I agree. I want to actually see all of Mueller’s cards. We’re in agreement on that.”

Two other hosts, Kennedy and Harris Faulkner felt Trump’s associations with Stone and Corsi were not helping him. Faulkner stated, “You have so many shady questions–shady people rather–where these questions are involved, that it’s kind of hard to know where you are. So, we have to wait and see what he’s pieced together.”

Kennedy was seemingly the most spooked member of the panel. The segment ended with her saying, “There might be something there. There absolutely might be something there. We don’t know what Mueller has–he might have something. Things are starting to seem a little weird.”

Two incidents in the last few weeks turned up the heat on the White House. Paul Manafort, formerly Trump’s campaign manager, had his plea deal revoked after he violated terms of the deal. Many in Trump’s orbit were worried about just how much Mueller knew about Manafort’s dealings.

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There was also a leak that Mueller was planning on indicting Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Assange stands as an important witness in the connection between Donald Trump and Russia.

News should continue to flow in during the week. If the changing opinions of the Fox News anchors are any indication, the news may not be favorable to the President.

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