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Video Featuring OJ Simpson Was Shared Then Deleted by Students for Trump

Video Featuring OJ Simpson Was Shared Then Deleted by Students for Trump

Students for Trump, a group who attempts to grow support for the President on college campuses around the country. The group, which was founded by Ryan Fournier and John Lambert has, at times, faced controversy. Lambert was arrested in May for creating a fake online lawyer and attempting to solicit legal work.

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The group has shown a willingness to support almost any figures who are willing to support President Trump. They may have realized they went too far on Tuesday when they were shared a video featuring political commentary from accused murder OJ Simpson.

The video, originally posted to Simpson’s Twitter, began with him discussing Running Backs in the NFL. He then moved on to discussing tonight’s Democratic debates. Students for Trump linked to the video, writing, “Even OJ Simpson is fed up with the Democrats pandering and not providing any real solutions.”

The former football star said, “As far as the debates are concerned, I saw that one of the people actually put out a plan, something for them to debate the merits of tonight.”

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Simpson continued, “Now, they all should do that. It’s easy to say ‘oh we should fix global warming, oh we should have an affordable health care plan,’ we should have a chicken in every pot. All of that sounds good, the question is, how are you going to do it?”

The organization was quickly hit with an overwhelmingly negative reaction for posting a video featuring Simpson. After being criticized over Twitter, the group quickly pulled the post down.


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