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Victor Blackwell Says He Could No Longer Hold Back From Calling out Trump

Victor Blackwell Says He Could No Longer Hold Back From Calling out Trump

Earlier today, Donald Trump sent out a controversial tweet concerning Elijah Cummings and his Maryland’s 7th congressional district. The racist tweet was met with repudiation nearly immediately with multiple political figures condemning the words.


The most stirring response to the President may have come from CNN’s Victor Blackwell. The news anchor’s emotional response quickly went viral and resonated with viewers far and wide. Blackwell later appeared on S.E. Cupp’s CNN show and explained why he couldn’t let Trump’s words go unanswered.

During his spot on Cupp’s show Unfiltered on Saturday afternoon. He told the host, “When the president speaks about a community with such disdain and disgust, I think that it is important that we speak out about that. That is what I was attempting to do this morning.”

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Blackwell, who was born in Baltimore in 1981 and also raised in the city was particular annoyed by the word, infested. He continued, “The people that live in Baltimore, as I said, love their children as much as anyone else in this country, in any district.”

The anchor then cautioned the President that he isn’t only the leader of Americans who support him. “There are people in Maryland 7th who support President Trump,” Blackwell said. “There are Republicans. There are people that voted for him there as well. Sp when he dismisses them politically, it is really disappointing.”

The now viral anchor finished the segment by telling Cupp, “We have seen from the president, and he has been transparent about it that he prioritizes those who support him.”

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