Very Fine People Redux? Watch as Trump Refuses to Condemn Kenosha Killer.

Kyle Rittenhouse became a well-known name on Wednesday when he was arrested for killing two people and shooting one more in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He also became somewhat of a martyr in Conservative circles. Right-wing pundit Ann Coulter went as far as saying that she’d like to see the 17 year-old become the President.

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Elected lawmakers, however, have been quiet on the matter. And Donald Trump would like to stay quiet himself. When asked about the issue on Saturday afternoon, the President demurred, refusing to condemn the vigilante killing.

A reporter asked the President, “You mentioned the National Guard going in to help law enforcement. But this was a young man, a 17 year-old, who’s facing murder charges for killing two people. There’s some folks who said that Conservatives are holding up this young man as someone who’s having done so, in his rights, to sort of self protect. And I’m wondering if you’d read much about the case. If you have concerns about ordinary residents, with guns, in situations like this?”

Trump responded, “Well you know that’s under investigation right now. And it will be reported back to me over the next 24 hours, 48 hours maybe max. But that is, right now, we’re looking at it really, really carefully.”

Watch a video of the President’s comments below:

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