Van Jones: Democrats Are Discussing How to Replace Joe Biden, Not If They Do

Following Joe Biden's poor performance in last week's debate, many have wondered whether he will stay in the 2024 presidential race. So far, Biden and his team have publicly stated that he will stay, but there are reports that things are different behind the scenes. 

During a Wednesday night segment on CNN, Van Jones and Jim Sciutto talked about the situation facing Democrats. According to Jones, the decision to replace Biden has been made; Democrats are just trying to figure out how they would do so. 

"I understand people want to, you know, defend him and protect him and give him the space and the dignity to make his own choice,” Jones explained. “But there is a big conversation happening right now about how this happens – not whether."

The pundit continued, "Behind the scenes, it’s full-scale panic. People are passing around legal memos, PDFs are flying back and forth on WhatsApp, trying to figure out, what are the options? How can you replace Biden? How do you get him to do it in a way where he feels respected, as he should be respected?"

Watch a clip of the segment here 

Jones closed by talking about the parties need to respect Biden while making the change, "We have someone who loves this country. We have someone who has given his all – I mean, his all, to the last drop – for this country, but he may not be able to get across the finish line. And a mature party has to take that into account. And that is what’s happening."