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The U.S. Treasury Is Auctioning Toilet Paper And Other Goods To Raise Funds

The U.S. Treasury Is Auctioning Toilet Paper And Other Goods To Raise Funds

The American Embassy in London is holding an online auction this week in an effort to shed some unwanted property and to raise funds for the Treasury Department, the Guardian reported on Monday.

Among the more notable items for sale are a “useable” black Volvo S80 sedan, “boring bookcases, a circular saw, 22 plastic stacking chairs, five broken Dyson vacuum cleaners and a defective photocopier (price: £1; condition: scrap).”

The embassy is also trying to unload more than 1,200 rolls of toilet paper, which can be yours for $130. But hurry, the fire sale ends Wednesday.

The U.S. Foreign Affairs Manual states that “property based abroad” that isn’t used or automatically returned “may be sold if in the best interest of the US government,” with proceeds going to the U.S. Treasury.

Now, we’re not saying this has anything to do with the ballooning deficit thanks to President Donald Trump’s tax cuts, but we are saying that you can get some pretty cool stuff on the cheap.

That Volvo is selling for a cool $4,665, by the way.

The Guardian reported that other U.S. embassies are attempting to sell off surplus supplies, though a lot of it is tantamount to what you’d find at a mediocre garage sale, or on an episode of Hoarders.

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The embassy in “Yerevan, Armenia, has several rugs “with stains,” office chairs (also “with stains”) and a broken fridge.” In Kiev, “several household appliances and a load of printer-ink cartridges, as well as computers and mobile phones ‘with cracks and scratches,'” are some other chotchkies available for sale.

For $11.70, you can even buy a “thermocummer” from the embassy in Lisbon, Portugal, although no details are available on what that actually is. Maybe just — don’t.

Stockholm seems to be the embassy with the most promising second-hand stuff. The Guardian found “dark wood ornate furniture, chandeliers — and a step machine” all up for grabs.

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