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US Spies May Have Intercepted Trump/Putin Private Meeting Notes

US Spies May Have Intercepted Trump/Putin Private Meeting Notes

The CIA and NSA might know, at least in part, what was said during the private summit meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A program known as the Special Collection Service or “STATEROOM” may have intercepted Russia’s readout of the conversation according to a report from Politico’s Josh Meyer.

The service is known for tapping the communications methods used by adversaries, allowing them to collect information from private conversations — in this case, notes sent in regards to the Trump-Putin meeting.

If the STATEROOM was successful, the CIA and NSA may have the very information lawmakers have been demanding to obtain. Democrats and several Republican leaders have gone so far as to demand that Congress subpoena Trump’s translator, Marina Gross, in order to understand what was said during the unprecedented closed-door meeting.

We should not expect an exact transcript of the meeting since the network is used specifically to capture only what adversaries are likely to say about events.

In the meantime, Donald Trump continues to maintain that he “gave up nothing” in his meeting with Putin. As Hill Reporter previously noted, Putin claims that Trump caved on Crimea and potentially opened up the door for Russia to violently pursue more territory in Ukraine.

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Putin and his officials in Russia have also said that the two men reached “several agreements” during their meeting. It seems odd that Trump would give up “nothing” while reaching any sort of agreement with a shrewd negotiator like Putin.

For now, the American population, minus Trump and Gross, have been left completely in the dark.

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