Us District Judge Rules That Epstein Prosecutors Violated Law

In November of 2018, the Miami Herald published a bombshell story about convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein. One of the main details was the sweetheart plea deal Epstein cut with prosecutor Alexander Acosta. Acosta now serves as President Donald Trump’s Labor Secretary.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department

The case has now come under renewed scrutiny. In addition to the plea deal, prosecutors are now accused of executing the deal without first notifying Epstein’s victims. This is a violation of the law.

U.S. District Court Judge Kenneth Marra wrote:

“When the Government gives information to victims, it cannot be misleading. While the Government spent untold hours negotiating the terms and implications of the NPA with Epstein’s attorneys, scant information was shared with victims. Instead, the victims were told to be ‘patient’ while the investigation proceeded.”

Marra, who mentioned Acosta on numerous occasions, continued, “Particularly problematic was the Government’s decision to conceal the existence of the NPA and mislead the victims to believe that federal prosecution was still a possibility.”

In early February, the Justice Department reopened the investigation into Epstein’s case. Ben Sasse (R-NE), who welcomed the new investigation said:

“Jeffrey Epstein is a child rapist and there’s not a single mom or dad in America who shouldn’t be horrified by the fact that he received a pathetically soft sentence. The victims of Epstein’s child sex trafficking ring deserve this investigation — and so do the American people and members of law enforcement who work to put these kinds of monsters behind bars.”

In his decision on Thursday, Marra, “left open the question of what remedy should be imposed for the prosecutors’ legal violation in their handling of the deal.”


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