US Company Says It Can Quintuple Ventilator Production, but Government Hasn’t Asked Them To Yet

As COVID-19 spreads around the United States, the need for ventilators will dramatically increase. The machines, which help to deal with the upper respiratory infection, are in short supply in countries like Italy where the pandemic is more pronounced.

Via Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump did briefly mention the short supply of ventilators during a recent call with the nation’s governors. The President requested they get the machines themselves. One company in Washington has said they could increase their ventilator production 5 times, they are just waiting on a call from the government.

Trump reportedly told the state leaders, “Respirators, ventilators, all of the equipment — try getting it yourselves. We will be backing you, but try getting it yourselves. Point of sales, much better, much more direct if you can get it yourself.”

Chris Kiple is the chief executive of Ventec Life Systems. He told Forbes, “We could increase production five-fold in a 90- to 120-day period.”

The CEO also said that it’s important that the country acts quickly. Kiple continued, “The time for action by the government is now. [Covid] is most likely to get worse next fall.”




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