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Urban Outfitters Endangers Us All By Defying Shutdown With Crackpot Coronavirus Risk Theory

Urban Outfitters Endangers Us All By Defying Shutdown With Crackpot Coronavirus Risk Theory

Folks, we have a new clothing chain to boycott. Urban Outfitters has decided that they care more about money than they do about the lives of their employees and fellow Americans.


The fashion giant has decided that its employees need to return to work, STAT. Why, you might ask, would they do this in the middle of a pandemic? Because of greed, that’s why.

In one store, a patient testing positive for COVID-19 had mailed in a package to be returned. An employee was rightfully frightened to touch it, but his superior forced him to do so. The note on the package read:

“I’d typically take to store, but we have come in contact with virus and are taking zero risks of spreading.”

In the Philadelphia store, where Urban Outfitters is headquartered, the virus has already hit. The people who work there got the unhappy news that, “Unfortunately, we have had our first confirmed case of COVID-19 in an employee from the Navy Yard” location.

That has not stopped the chain from forcing the employees to endanger their own lives if they want to keep their jobs, though. The Philadelphia Inquirer writes of the chain:

“Urban Outfitters Inc. — which also encompasses such brands as Anthropologie, Free People, BHLDN, and Terrain — rang up almost $4 billion in sales in the fiscal year ending Jan. 31, 2019, its most recent annual report. The company was one of the first retailers to close its stores to the public as social distancing measures took hold, and has now pinned its hopes on e-commerce.”

E-commerce means that they are still selling non-essential items in a bid to continue making money. This time, it is just off of bored people stuck at home.

The Inquirer’s report on how Urban Outfitters is getting around social distancing and risking its employees’ lives continues:

“The company says it’s in compliance with city orders to close ‘nonessential’ businesses and state orders to close business that aren’t ‘life-sustaining,’ noting there are exceptions to those orders. ‘We are carefully reviewing and following state and local executive orders across the country on an hourly basis,’ a spokesperson said in a statement Wednesday afternoon.”

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A company statement explained their despicable behavior this way:

“We understand how, on the surface, some might consider online fashion retailing to be nonessential, but the reality is that COVID-19 is a serious threat not only to our health but also to our economy.”

They are also spreading straight out lies to justify their behavior. Chief Development Officer David Ziel said of COVID-19:

“Even somebody who confirms that they have COVID-19 in your studio that day … that’s low risk, it’s very low risk.”

He’s not a doctor, he’s a money-grubbing a$$hat. There is zero truth to his statement, and he should not be putting it out there to potentially gullible people.

So, again, money is more important than human lives. In a word, if you care about America’s getting through this virus with as little loss of life as possible, stay away from Urban Outfitters.

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