[UPDATED] HillReporter Staff Writer Faces Personal Family Tragedy: Now You Can Help Them Recover

Earlier this week, we reported on the personal tragedy that took place at the home of Steph and John Bazzle. Steph is a staff writer here at HillReporter, and as you can see from the photo below…their house has been destroyed. Steph, her husband, baby, 3 little boys, and 3 teenagers are in a 2-bedroom trailer at the moment, and it’s a lot, but “we’re all alive, we got a fridge yesterday, and we have a roof and beds. I went back and grabbed my laptop after I got the kids out, and thankfully we’ve already gotten almost all of the baby’s medical supplies replaced (still waiting for the doctor to re-prescribe her inhaler),” said Steph in a conversation this morning. They also have a one-year-old who was born prematurely, so Steph spends most of her time going to appointments when she’s not writing.

A GoFundMe for the family has just been set up, and if you would like to help the Bazzle’s, you can visit their GoFundMe post here:


Steph sent a photo of the fire, which is presumed to have started when her older daughter may not have fully extinguished a candle, which then reignited. Anything you can do to help the family is greatly appreciated.

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