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The Unstoppable Leaks Of The Trump Administration Continue To Unfold

The Unstoppable Leaks Of The Trump Administration Continue To Unfold

Washington is known for allowing sensitive information to leak out and the Trump administration has witnessed that culture first hand.

In the previous 72 hours, the Trump administration has gone into full on damage control mode after various embarrassing leaks were handed off to members of the press.

Up first was Anthony Scaramucci, the White House’s short-lived Communications Director who had promised to fire leakers. On Monday, Chief of Staff John Kelly forced Scaramucci to resign from his post. An unnamed White House official told Politico, “No way could he work with Kelly. His antics over the past week were crazy by any standard.” It was also reported that Scaramucci made it a point in meetings to tell staffers that he wasn’t “one of them.”

After Reince Priebus was ousted, another leak explained a funny situation in which President Trump once asked him to come in his office to kill a fly. While not damaging, it continued to show the hubris President Trump exhibited among his staffers.

Kelly has also been the victim of internal leaks. A CNN story from an unnamed source said Kelly, as Homeland Security Chief, “was so upset with how President Donald Trump handled the firing of FBI Director James Comey that Kelly called Comey afterward and said he was considering resigning.”

It was reported that Comey asked Kelly not to resign despite the horrible inner-workings of the Trump White House.

That was all bad but a more damning statement was made by the Washington Post on Monday night. The newspaper reported that the president “personally dictated a statement” about his son and the June 2016 meeting with several Russians. Trump told his staffers to claim that Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort, “primarily discussed a program about the adoption of Russian children.”

Trump’s statement led Don Jr. to put out a second statement in which he acknowledged that Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, told him about damaging information on Hillary Clinton that Russia’s “government” wanted to share with the campaign.

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Kellyanne Conway, always the Trump supporter, told “Special Report” that Trump said he “weighed in, like any father would.”

The U.S. Presidency is full of leaks, even Richard Nixon attempted to create the “plumbers” union to stop the leaks, a plan that backfired horribly.

With classified information being leaked at an unprecedented level and President Trump lying and deceiving the American public to cover up the leaks, we are at a tipping point for the 45th POTUS.

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