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University Student Quotes Donald Trump Before Raping Woman

University Student Quotes Donald Trump Before Raping Woman

A university student accused of raping a fellow student allegedly quoted Donald Trump before attacking the young woman. According to court documents, Hugo Penfold grabbed a fellow student’s crotch on top of her clothes while saying, “grab her by the p*ssy.”

In court, the victim said, “He found it funny. I said that it wasn’t funny and asked him to leave.”

Penfold laughed after making the comment, according to the Telegraph, and was quickly asked to leave. Following another night out, Penfold allegedly raped the woman, whose name has not been released due to a court order.

The victim says she was “very clearly not consenting” when he began to have sex with her.

The woman, who was 18 at the time of the attack, says she rejected various advances from Penfold and reported him to university authorities before the rape occurred.

“He has been sexually assaulting me, light touch, since November [2016] and probably before that,” the woman said in a police recording. “I would tell him that it was sexual assault and I would report him,” she added.

The victim had invited Penfold to her residence to watch Netflix at which time his advanced started. As Penfold allegedly raped the young woman, she pleaded for him to stop.

“He said, ‘Do you want me to make this quick?’ I nodded. It lasted less than five minutes,” she said.

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After she told him she was too drunk to consent, he reportedly said he was “very sorry” and left her residence.

The victim told the court: “I very clearly was not consenting. I got the impression that afterward he realized what he had done. It wasn’t consensual.”

This is the second time Penfold has been accused of raping a female student. He maintains that his sexual advances against both women were consensual.

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