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Undocumented Former Trump Workers Seek Deportation Reprieve

Undocumented Former Trump Workers Seek Deportation Reprieve

The Trump Administration has taken a strong stance against undocumented immigrants. ICE raids have become frequent and the President often uses incendiary language when he discusses those who are here illegally. In the middle part of June, Trump tweeted that there would be more raids and that millions of immigrants would be deported.

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This language, however, seemed hypocritical when it came out that Trump himself had employed a number of undocumented workers at his own country clubs. Those workers, who were later fired, are now asking the President to for a reprieve from deportation.

Over 20 former Trump employees sent a letter to the White House, asking Trump to meet with them. The letter reads in part, “We are modest people who represent the dreams of the 11 million undocumented men, women and children who live and work in this country. We love America and want to talk to you about helping to give us a chance to become legal.”

The employees hoped that their own personal relationships with the President would lead him to consider meeting with them. The message continued, “You know many of us and will recall how hard we worked for you, your family and your golf clubs. You know we are hard workers and that we are not criminals or seeking a free ride in America.”

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The letter then ended with the undocumented workers giving one more plea. “We all pay our taxes, love our faith and our family, and simply want to find a place for ourselves to make America even better,” the letter continues. “We believe you have a heart and will do the right thing to find a home for us here in America so that we can step out of the shadows and not deport us and our friends and family.”

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