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Ultimate Projection: Donald Trump Tries To Rebrand “Big Lie”

Ultimate Projection: Donald Trump Tries To Rebrand “Big Lie”

The “Big Lie” is the term that has been applied to Donald Trump’s false claim that he won the election, and the seemingly endless flow of supporting lies, including the attacks on Dominion Voting Systems, attacks on Georgia elected officials, and others. Now, in the ultimate display of projection, the former president (who did not win re-election) is trying to rebrand the term, claiming that his loss is the real lie.

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Since leaving office, and losing his Twitter account, Trump now issues statements from his self-proclaimed “Office of the Former President.” His latest one, tweet-length and presented with his signature random capitalization, just declares, “The Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020 will be, from this day forth, known as the BIG LIE!”

Even after being impeached for spreading this particular lie, even after his lies provoked an attack on the U.S. Capitol Building and threats to legislators, including his own vice president, and even months after being out of office, Trump isn’t letting the lie, or the projection, go.

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Many of Trump’s supporters, too, continue to cling to the Big Lie, with 70% of Republicans saying, according to Politico, that they don’t believe the election was ‘free and fair.’ Most of these believe, specifically, Trump’s false claim that ballots were changed or otherwise tampered with, and/or his equally false claim that mailed-in ballot were used to commit massive fraud.

Ultimately, the impeached and ousted ex-president isn’t letting go of the lie, and instead is now telling his fan base that the lies aren’t coming from him — instead, he wants them to believe that Democrats, election officials, and in general, reality, are telling the lies.

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