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UK Politician: Trump’s Planned D-Day Visit ‘has ruined things’

UK Politician: Trump’s Planned D-Day Visit ‘has ruined things’

Attending D-Day Celebrations and commemorations have always been a tradition of Untied State presidents, however, it seems that many politicians who represent the United Kingdom are against the practice when it comes to United States President Donald Trump.

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Gerald Vernon-Jackson who leads Portsmouth City Council, says of Trump coming to the United Kingdom for a visit:

“His visit has changed things dramatically for D-Day 75 and has ruined things for the people of Portsmouth. We made a conscious decision not to invite him. We thought about inviting all the heads of state of Allied nations but decided against it.”

It seems, however, that the folks at Downing Street think that Trump’s presence is appropriate. Downing Street, which is the residence of the Prime Minister, has invited Donald Trump to commemorate D-Day. Vernon-Jackson, however, objects:

“Now Downing Street have gone over our head,. It will bring protests to Portsmouth because of Trump. That will change things for the worse.”

Aside from the possible protests, Vernon-Jackson has issues with Trump himself, saying that Trump has not yet “learnt the lessons” given to the world in World War II.

Gerlad Vernon-Jackson also expressed his displeasure at Trump’s visit via Twitter:

Great Britain has, in the past, debated whether or not Donald Trump is welcome in their country. Now that he is the American President, it is almost inevitable that they must welcome him.

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