“Uh-Oh:” Hannity Busted Hard For Going “Darth Vaper” On-Air

“The Camera Never Blinks” is a phenomenal account by acclaimed journalist Dan Rather about what it’s like to work in television news. Clearly Fox News bloviator Sean Hannity has never read it.

Coming out of a commercial break on Thursday night’s show, Hannity obviously lost track of how long he could just chill and get ready for his next segment. As the dramatic music introducing his trite “Villain of the Day” plays and the accompanying graphic wipes full screen Hannity is revealed to be looking down, glasses askew on his nose, sucking on a vaping device.

Apparently alerted by someone in the studio that he’s actually back on air in front of his usual audience of almost three million viewers – “Sean, Sean!” – the clearly startled Hannity quickly yanked the device from his mouth, adjusted his ear piece and looked into the camera and uttered, “Uh-oh! Now our villain of the day.”

As you might expect, the Twitterverse has delighted in the super-uptight Fox personality figuratively being caught with his pants down – again – on live TV. You could probably spend most of the day perusing, but here are a few of the more astute observations about last night’s incident.

Last night, however, isn’t the first time that Hannity has lost track of time while in front of the camera. Three years ago the Young Turks put up a fun piece on YouTube showing him puffing on a vaping device that resembles a cigarette while he’s expecting a video roll-in to be playing. In a hilarious fit of creativity they labeled him “Darth Vaper.”

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