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U.S. Farmers: We ‘Will Never Vote For Trump Again’

U.S. Farmers: We ‘Will Never Vote For Trump Again’

Donald Trump is in the middle of a trade war and it is affecting farmers in the United States in a very negative way. Farmers in Iowa have spoken to CNN regarding what Trump’s battles on the trade front have done to their livelihoods. Some of them said outright that they regret their 2016 votes for Trump.


Larry Angler is one such farmer. According to what he told CNN, he could lose nearly $100,000 in 2019. That problem was exacerbated by flooding in the area as well. When reporters inquired about whether or not Mr. Angler voted for Trump in 2016, he responded thusly:

“I did — I’ll never vote for him again!”

Robert Ewoldt is another farmer from Iowa. He is now driving a truck at night due to the way the trade war has affected his farming business. He said of his truck driving job:

“That’s what’s keeping this farm going.”

Ewoldt also said that he regretted voting for Trump in the last presidential election cycle.

Greg Beaman is a third farmer from the same state. He says of Trump’s trade war with China and lack of results that positively impact people like him:

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“He better hurry up and start producing a little bit. Because so far, what I’m seeing, this negotiation has not panned out.”

It is often said that Trump supporters are unusually loyal. However, this trade war is costing some of those supporters lots of money. Some may even be on the edge of losing their farms altogether. It will be interesting to see if more of Trump’s voters begin to peel away in the wake of all of this.

Watch the farmers express their distress below:

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