U.S. Capitol Building Wasn’t A January 6 Target Until Trump Took Over, Organizers Say

On January 6th, after hearing then-President Donald Trump speak in D.C., rallygoers marched to the Capitol building, where a portion of the group turned from protestors to violent insurrectionist rioters. However, top organizers of the event are now saying they didn’t even intend for the protest to move to the Capitol — but that the White House got involved and those plans changed.

Donald Trump involved in March on Capitol
[Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images]

New reporting from the New York Times — the full read, a worthy one, is available here and covers not only the rally but Trump’s other efforts to overturn the election — shows how the rally plans morphed when the White House got involved.

The rally was initially planned by Women For America First — a pro-Trump PAC. However, once Trump decided to participate, ” the event effectively became a White House production.”

Trump reportedly put his two golden pennies in with regard to picking speakers, choosing music, and other activities.

“[T]he bus-tour organizer said that he had been surprised to learn that the protest would include a march from the Ellipse to the Capitol. That march — the prelude to the riot — had not been the plan before the White House became involved.”

The FBI had warned the day before the attack of advance plans for violence among Trump’s supporters online. Some of Trump’s defenders, including his eldest son, have used this as a (poorly-thought-out) defense, as reported by the Washington Post.

However, with his impeachment trial beginning just over a week away, this new reporting seems to show Trump connected to the attack at an earlier point in the timeline — rather than more removed from it.

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