Two-Thirds Of Americans Agree: The Trump Administration Was Not Prepared For Coronavirus Outbreak

President Donald Trump frequently gives himself positive marks for his early actions on coronavirus — but most Americans don’t agree that he was as prepared as he says he was.

The White House/Wikimedia

Indeed, for much of the month of February, Trump accused the media and Democrats, both of whom were voicing concern over the global spread of the disease, of using it as a means to make him look bad, going so far as to call those criticisms a “hoax” no less than a month ago.

As Trump continues to demonstrate he lacks the expertise to deal with the crisis, choosing to ignore the advice of medical experts, a recent poll conducted jointly by CBS News and YouGov shows most Americans say he was ill-prepared from the beginning to take the coronavirus situation seriously.

Only 34 percent of Americans believe the Trump administration was prepared to deal with the outbreak from the very beginning, while 66 percent say the White House was not prepared from the start.

The president does receive a higher approval rating than usual for his response for coronavirus, though it is fairly evenly split among the electorate, with 53 percent saying they approve of his work and 47 percent giving him negative reviews. Congress has a similar rating: 52 percent approve of their work on combatting the illness, with 48 percent saying they disapprove.

But when it comes to who Americans can trust, Trump’s numbers are in the red: only 44 percent say he’s a trustworthy source of information related to COVID-19, while 56 percent say they don’t trust his word.

Americans are pessimistic when it comes to how well things are going. Just 43 percent say things are going very well or somewhat well in the fight against the spread of the disease, while 55 percent say things are going badly, the poll found.

As of Wednesday evening, the number of Americans who have died from coronavirus crossed over the 1,000-person threshold, with nearly 70,000 individuals having been identified as contracting the disease so far.

However, those numbers may not be accurate, as some reporting anomalies have been discovered.

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