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Two Polls Show Biden Is The Frontrunner For South Carolina Primary This Weekend

Two Polls Show Biden Is The Frontrunner For South Carolina Primary This Weekend

Two polls demonstrate that former Vice President Joe Biden is presently in the lead in South Carolina among Democratic contenders vying for the party’s nomination to be president.

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Biden is not the current frontrunner in national polls, where Sen. Bernie Sanders has taken a commanding lead. But just days ahead of the South Carolina primary, Biden is looking to turn that momentum around.

The state is a do-or-die moment for Biden, as he hasn’t yet placed in the first place spot in any of the first-in-the-nation group of caucuses and primaries. Biden didn’t even make it to any of the “top three” spots in Iowa or New Hampshire, but came in second-place within Nevada over the weekend.

A win in South Carolina could show voters across the rest of the nation that he’s still a viable candidate worth considering — an important position to be in right before Super Tuesday, the next group of nominating contests in which Democratic-leaning voters in several states, territories, and voters overseas will cast their ballots.

Super Tuesday’s delegate total is 1,357.

A CBS News/YouGov poll found Biden garnering support from 28 percent of voters in South Carolina, which is set to hold its primary on Saturday. In second place was Sanders, who earned 23 percent support. Billionaire philanthropist Tom Steyer came in third with 18 percent, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren was in fourth with 12 percent.

Notably, a majority of that poll found that the campaign for the Democratic nomination so far was “about right” in terms of ideological standing (57 percent), while some (24 percent) said it was too liberal and others (19 percent) too moderate.

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In a separate poll, conducted by the Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling, Biden’s lead was even wider. Thirty-six percent of respondents said they planned to vote for him, while Sanders, who was in second-place in the poll, only wound up with 21 percent.

Taken together, the two polls seem to suggest that Biden is in the lead in South Carolina, with a margin spread of 5 to 15 percentage points.

The last debate before the primary occurs — indeed, the final debate before Super Tuesday — is set to commence on Tuesday in Charleston, South Carolina.

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