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Two More Senior White House Officials Come Forward to Confirm NYT’s Op-Ed

Two More Senior White House Officials Come Forward to Confirm NYT’s Op-Ed

After yesterday’s bombshell New York Times op-ed by a senior White House official, which appears to have sent shivers down the spines of President Trump and his administration, two more senior White House officials have just come forward.

The author of the op-ed published by the New York Times indicated that they, themselves, along with others within the White House were acting to “thwart parts of [Trump’s] agenda and his worst inclinations.” The author goes on to explain that those countering the president in the White House believe that their “first duty is to this country, and the president continues to act in a manner that is detrimental to the health of our republic.”

While the president himself questioned, not only the legitimacy of the op-ed, but whether the author may be committing treason in acting against him, up until this point it was merely one anonymous individual’s words against the words of the White House.

This morning Axios reported that two additional senior White House officials have come to them in order to say that the “author stole the words right out of their mouths.”

“I find the reaction to the NYT op-ed fascinating — that people seem so shocked that there is a resistance from the inside,” one senior official told Axios. “A lot of us [were] wishing we’d been the writer, I suspect … I hope he [Trump] knows — maybe he does? — that there are dozens and dozens of us.”

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Axios also reports that “several” senior White House officials have described their role in the White House as saviors of America and the world from Mr. Trump. Additionally, numerous officials have also indicated that they consider the president as being “unstable, and at times dangerously slow.”

Certainly this increase in leaks and dissenters within the White House can’t have the president and those closest to him feeling very secure. Any number of individuals, including those closest to the President Trump, may in fact be one of these numerous officials leaking to the press.

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