Two Men Handed Out Nazi Applications In An Indiana Park

Over the last few years, people have felt much more comfortable wearing Nazi paraphenalia. The symbol was regularly seen during the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. The were also Nazi emblems spotted at Michigan rallies urging Governor Gretchen Whitmer to ease COVID-19 restrictions.

Photo Via GoldvesterCos Twitter Page

But two men in Henryville, Indiana took it a step further over the weekend. The men, wearing Nazi armbands over shirts and ties, handed out applications to join the party to people in a public park.

A picture of the men was shared by a Twitter user named Jennifer. She wrote, “Nazis in Henryville, Indiana today. (Near Louisville KY) Handing out anti-Semitic pamphlets and ‘nazi political party’ applications. The woman was there too and apparently one of them is a marine. I’m so disgusted these people live here.”

Condemnation and mockery for the two men came swiftly. User Sunny Aujla tweeted, “I mean they lost the war. Why are they so in love with being on the losing side whether it be this or the confederacy. You dont see sports fans bandwagoning teams after they lose a final, why is this a thing?”

Another user, named Mark Richardson, simply wrote, “This needs to be designated as terrist activity.”

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