Two Donald Trump Tweets Deleted By Twitter Overnight

Twitter has started acting when a tweet from Donald Trump violates their site rules. Over Monday night, two tweets from the president were removed. Unlike some of the recent responses from the site, this time they didn’t include a statement about the content. However, the tweets in question are archived, and the content may be a clue.

Donald Trump's tweets removed by Twitter for false information
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According to Factbase, one of the tweets was about COVID-19. It was a retweet, and while the link to the article is no longer visible, the text describes the claims of one Dr. Vladimir Zelenko. “I have treated over 350 patients with 100% success.”

Donald Trump's lies deleted
[Screenshot via Donald Trump/Twitter/FactBase]

Here’s the problem with this claim, as documented by the New York Times back in April (when Zelenko was already claiming 350 cases cured). Zelenko’s claims aren’t backed by evidence, the officials in his New York village, Kiryas Joel, have asked him to stop, saying that he’s exaggerating the outbreak in their community and inflating numbers by falsifying the number who became ill, and the numbers don’t reflect what scientific studies continue to find. Further, without sufficient testing, any suggestion for treating pre-symptomatic patients becomes moot.

Trump’s second deleted tweet was also a retweet. This one linked to an article by The Post Millenial. It claims that Garrett Foster, a protester killed in Austin, shot at a car five times before a driver fired back, killing him. That article has since been updated to include the following correction.

Update: This article has been updated with details of the fatal shooting from the Austin Police Department. A previous version of this article incorrectly identified Foster as the first shooter.

The title has also been corrected — from Protester In Austin Shoots At Car, Then Driver Shoots Back, Killing Him to Armed Black Lives Matter Protestor In Austin Killed In Shootout.

Still, the article describes Foster as having stated his “violent intent” and uses a video clip to prove it — a clip in which Foster, asked if he intends to use the weapon he’s carrying, says, “Nah.” Further, the Trump tweet still contains the false information — the claim that Foster fired at a driver and was killed in return fire.

Donald Trump tweet is false news
[Screenshot via Donald Trump/Twitter/FactBase]

While Twitter isn’t currently stating the reason for deleting these Trump tweets, archived copies of both show that they contain false or misleading claims or information. Donald Trump has not yet responded to the deletion, though he reacted vehemently when tweets with false information or other Twitter rule violations were previously hidden.

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