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Twitter Users Drag RNC For Biden ‘Vacation’ Tweet After Four Years of Trump Golf Trips

Twitter Users Drag RNC For Biden ‘Vacation’ Tweet After Four Years of Trump Golf Trips

Trumpocrites are gonna Trumpocrite to the very last.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) attacked President Joe Biden on Twitter Thursday night for having the audacity to return to his own home in Delaware 31 times during his first 11 months in office. Yes, they really did, as if Donald Trump’s entire administration wasn’t basically him pretending to work between his golf weekends at one of his many properties, all at the expense of the American taxpayers.

President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden are foregoing their usual trip to the Caribbean to safely celebrate New Year’s Eve in Delaware, according to a White House press briefing. “After spending several days at their home in the North Shores community near Rehoboth Beach, the Bidens traveled upstate to Greenville on Wednesday. Of course, the couple couldn’t leave before taking their new dog, Commander, out for a walk on the beach,” the statement reads.

And the GOP was like, HOW DARE YOU not galumph around a golf course while people are dying from COVID in record numbers like our guy!

The RNC’s projection has always been off the charts, and it’s not like they don’t get called out on it. It’s that they just don’t care. Like the bullies who sit in the back of the classroom and distract the teacher from their lesson plans, thereby making everyone else suffer for their stupidity, the deliberate and immature behavior from Trump loyalists is intended to make everyone else mad so nothing actually ever gets accomplished.


But the smart kids in the class quickly clapped back, generating hundreds of comments accusing the GOP of blatant hypocrisy for ignoring former President* Sand Trap’s trips to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida or his Bedminster property in New Jersey.

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