Twitter Thinks Fake Melania Partied With Trump on New Year’s

The Fake Melania theory has been floating around for the entire four years that her husband has been in office. While nobody expected the former model and paid escort who arrived on American shores under dubious circumstances and snagged herself a millionaire meal ticket to be as ubiquitous as her predecessors, the fact that Melania didn’t even want to move to the White House was a hot topic back in the early days of 2017. And while it’s entirely possible that she hates the man she married more than anyone else does, Melania is still showing up at some public events to pretend she wants to help get him a second term.

However, she apparently didn’t want to be anywhere near the New Year’s festivities at Mar-A-Lago after word got out that Donald hated the way she redecorated his private bedroom. Sharp-eyed Twitter users clocked photos of Trump returning to the White House early, as he’s anticipating the dog and pony show of his minions trying to stop Joe Biden’s Electoral Votes from being certified by Congress on Tuesday.

The “Fake Melania” rumors were strenuously downplayed by White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, but someone who briefly worked for Trump confirmed that not only does the outgoing First Lady have a stand-in, she has more than one, depending on what the situation calls for.

Anthony Scaramucci, the former White House Communications Director, not only confirmed what Michael Cohen, Trump’s former fixer, had told CNN, but went even further. “You know Michael Cohen insists that there is a body double and insists that actually her sister sometimes replaces her on the campaign trail,” he told viewers.

So was it her sister who traveled back to DC from Florida with Trump after he refused to attend his own New Year’s Eve party? Twitter certainly seems to think it was anyone but the real Melania. You be the judge!

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