Twitter Shreds Chuck Todd for Comments On Biden’s Pandemic Response

Chuck Todd, the host of MSNBC’s “Meet the Press Daily” and the Political Director for NBC News, has once again set off a Twitterstorm of outrage thanks to comments he made on the news program Thursday afternoon. Todd is often dragged by Twitter pundits for his erratic commentaries and occasionally obtuse observations. Some days Todd seems to be a champion for the left, siding with his more liberal-leaning guests, or pushing Trump sycophants on their talking points.

But then there are days like Thursday, when Todd hosted Trump lackey Jason Miller for a jovial conversation and didn’t challenge him too much, then made a comment that seems to back up Donald Trump’s dangerous rhetoric regarding the coronavirus and how seriously Joe Biden is taking it compared to the White House.

Trump has been relentlessly teasing Biden about his mask wearing and poking fun at him at his rallies by saying all Biden talks about is “Covid Covid Covid”. The former Vice President has spent the presidential race campaigning virtually, or holding socially-distanced campaign and press events, and consistently modeled and encouraged the wearing of face coverings — for which Trump has consistently mocked him.

Todd seemingly agreed with the mockery during a segment with DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas and former RNC Chairman Michael Steele. Todd showed his guests footage of a masked Biden addressing reporters after casting his vote for president in Delaware. “Interesting when you look at both candidates, in some ways one not taking the virus seriously enough at all,” Todd said, referring to Trump’s recent packed superspreader rallies and consistent mockery of Covid masks.

And then he echoed one of the Trump campaign’s loudest talking points by saying of Biden: “If there’s a criticism, might be, is he taking it (the coronavirus) too seriously, at least when it comes to campaigning?”

Twitter users were quick to jump on Todd’s comments, dragging him for reinforcing the negative messaging, as #FireChuckTodd began trending Thursday afternoon.

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