Twitter Says Goodbye On #TrumpsLastDay

Christmas Eve was trending for a while on Twitter on Tuesday, January 19th, as the night before the Biden Harris Inauguration settled in. Users couldn’t help but equate the feeling of looking forward to Donald Trump’s physical departure from the White House to the most wonderful time of the year. Most have been waiting for this Inauguration since the last one ended, and vindication for all of the hard work to get Biden and Harris elected spilled out in a gleeful trend that was still going well into Tuesday night.

Along with trends like #ByeFelicia and #ByeDon, #TrumpsLastDay brought out all kinds of feelings from all kinds of people, from the journalists who covered him to his most ardent critics to even some of his supporters who are slowly coming around to the realization that maybe he actually lost the election after all.

POLAND – 2020/10/21: In this photo illustration a Donald Trump twitter account is displayed on a smartphone with a laptop keyboard on the background. (Photo Illustration by Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Trump was permanently suspended from Twitter on January 8th, with some of his allies suffering similar consequences soon after. The MAGA faithful flocked to Parler, which was down for a while and only recently has come back to life with another webhost. The end of his digital reign of terror changed the collective mood on Twitter almost immediately, and despite a slight uptick in new troll accounts, the MAGA presence on Twitter hasn’t been the loudest for the first time in over five years.

Herewith, a collection of some of the best #TrumpsLastDay tweets, as we wave a digital goodbye to the 4-year hostage crisis we just survived known as the Trump Administration.

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