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Twitter Says Candace Owens Needs Sex Ed After Anatomically Ridiculous Tweet

Twitter Says Candace Owens Needs Sex Ed After Anatomically Ridiculous Tweet

Not all sex education programs are created equally, and it’s entirely possible for people to make it to adulthood without a complete understanding of human reproductive anatomy, including the names of parts of it and exactly how those parts function. Right-wing commentator Candace Owens got taken back to class after she tweeted anatomical improbabilities following Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B’s Grammy performance.

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Owens tweeted to attack the duo, making a reference to the sexist trope of ordering a woman to make a sandwich, and to their Grappy performance of WAP — a song that has upset other conservative commentators who find the notion of women in control of their own sexuality obscene.

However, Twitter users were on hand to school her on ways the human body works — or at least, on one way that it doesn’t.

Most of the responses were purely mocking, simply laughing at Owens for a blatant error on labeling of body parts, bringing up Mr. Potato Head (one of the other two issues conservatives seem to care about at the moment), or demanding instructions.

A few, however, tried to impart some actual information that Owens’ sex ed classes might have missed, although it’s not clear whether anyone who actually needed to learn was listening.

Of course, some people pointed out how the ridiculous tweet fit into the current conservative modus operandi, in which being right matters less than being heard.


Cardi B herself responded to the tweet very seriously, addressing not the sexual aspect, but the misogyny. She gently explained to Owens that making a sandwich isn’t a “sin” to those on the left, but the sexist trope is damaging to women, and particularly should be understood by a woman living in an era where she can use said trope to promote herself and her new television program.


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