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Twitter Roasts Marjorie Taylor Greene for Posting Insane List of Demands from Nancy Pelosi

Twitter Roasts Marjorie Taylor Greene for Posting Insane List of Demands from Nancy Pelosi

Republican Qongresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia sent House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) a list of irrational and impossible demands on Twitter late Friday night, offering to “vote YES” on Democratic legislation if Pelosi agrees to – among several items – undo the 2020 election, reinstate former President Donald Trump, expel Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA), and disavow COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

“Here’s my offer to the Speaker,” Greene wrote. “I’ll vote YES if you.. 1. Decertify election 2. Trump back in the WH 3. Fire Fauci 4. Expel Maxine 5. Investigate Ilhan 6. Build the Wall – close the border 7. End mask/vaccine mandates. Deal?”

The conspiracy theorist lawmaker knows that none of those things are going to happen, and her blatant insincerity generated quite a bit of buzz and hilarious retaliation on social media.

“You’re deranged, ma’am,” one user – who self-identified as a “Republican elected official” – fired back.

“If the election was decertified then you wouldn’t be in Congress to vote yes, dummy,” quipped another.

“I guess we no longer sanction or expel members? If she can’t acknowledge that Joe Biden is the president, she has no business in congress. Beyond absurd what is being accepted on the GOP,” said one conscious observer.

“You are an embarrassment for this country How can your family look you in the face?” an onlooker wondered.

People were perplexed about what Greene hoped to accomplish with her tweet.

“So you want the Speaker to do things that are unconstitutional and others that exceed her authority. For someone who claims to love the Constitution, you have no idea what’s in it,” one person said.

“Decertify?? Just this one thing. Explain this based on actual evidence of actual voter fraud. You know you have none. You are going along with the biggest con man ever to hold office and passing a lie. Maybe get an IQ test and psychiatric evaluation,” wrote Academy Award-winning film composer Shawn Patterson.

Not everybody was so cordial.

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“Wow, you’re stupid. You’re not on a committee, you can’t make any deals. And you clearly have no idea how to do your job. You’re worthless. And you’re the highest-paid welfare recipient, since you literally take a gov check, yet can’t do your job,” said one voter.

“As if you have any power. Hell, you don’t even sit on a committee. You have no power. You’re a nobody,” one frustrated Twitter user charged.

Greene was even presented with a counteroffer to consider.

“Here’s my counter offer 1. You resign tonight 2. You fully cooperate with the January 6th committee,” the proposal read.

We can only hope this happens.

“The only deal you’ll need to make is with a Federal Prosecutor’s office once they get a hold of your 1/6 phone records,” an activist predicted.

The crazy never stops.

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