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Twitter Rips Ron ‘DeathSantis’ for Accusing the Associated Press of Killing People

Twitter Rips Ron ‘DeathSantis’ for Accusing the Associated Press of Killing People

Florida Republican Governor Ron “DeathSantis” – whose state is experiencing one of the nation’s worst COVID-19 outbreaks – sent a letter to the Associated Press on Monday accusing the news agency of killing people.

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Florida currently boasts the second-highest coronavirus case count and the fourth-most fatalities in the United States. More than 17,000 people are hospitalized, and daily deaths are averaging 212 – a significantly greater total than every other state.

The correspondence was in response to an AP report that was published last week which suggested that DeSantis’s opposition to mask and vaccine mandates was rooted in a corrupt financial relationship between his office and investors in the manufacturing of the monoclonal antibody treatment known as Regeneron.

The therapy costs about $1,000. Vaccines, meanwhile, retail at around $35, however, most people can receive them for free.

AP pointed out that the amount of money that has flowed into the governor’s coffers from the backers of the pharmaceutical giant that produces Regeneron is, to put it mildly, really sketchy.

“DeSantis has been flying around the state promoting a monoclonal antibody treatment sold by Regeneron, which was used on then-President Donald Trump after he tested positive for COVID-19. The governor first began talking about it as a treatment last year,” AP wrote last Wednesday. “Citadel, a Chicago-based hedge fund, has $15.9 million in shares of Regeneron Pharmaceutical Inc., according to filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Citadel CEO Ken Griffin has donated $10.75 million to a political committee that supports DeSantis — $5.75 million in 2018 and $5 million last April.”

Doctor Leana Wen, a public health professor at George Washington University and former Baltimore Health Commissioner, told AP that while “we definitely need treatments like monoclonal antibodies that can prevent mild disease from progressing to severe disease,” that “ultimately, it’s still best to prevent someone from contracting COVID-19 in the first place. Monoclonal antibodies are not prevention.”

DeSantis said the connection identified by AP was “not even a plausible concept” as well as a “baseless conspiracy theory” and insinuated that COVID-19 patients would forego medical treatment because of it.

“You succeeded in publishing a misleading, clickbait headline about one of your political opponents, but at the expense of deterring individuals infected with COVID from seeking life-saving treatment, which will cost lives,” DeSantis croaked.

He did not provide any supporting data to validate that claim.

The full letter is below:

It should be noted that DeSantis’s press secretary, Christina Pushaw, was temporarily suspended from Twitter for threatening journalists after the AP report dropped.

But the internet is not buying DeSantis’s knee-beating, primarily because he has been touting the benefits of Regeneron while simultaneously doing everything he can to block measures that would slow the spread of the virus.

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