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Twitter Wants To Remove The ‘Like’ Button To ‘Improve’ Debates

Twitter Wants To Remove The ‘Like’ Button To ‘Improve’ Debates

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

At a Twitter event last week, company CEO Jack Dorsey admitted he was not a big fan of the “like” button on the social media site, explaining that the company plans to get rid of the option for users in the future.

The heart-shaped “like” button replaced the “favorite” button in 2015. At the time, there were mixed reviews about the change, according to reporting from Popular Science.

Still, the call for eliminating the option to “like” or approve another user’s tweet altogether may not be liked by everyone who uses the platform, and Dorsey’s rationale for getting rid of it is perplexing.

Dorsey explained that removing the “like” button was being considered to help” improve the quality of debate” on Twitter, reported UPROXX on Monday. But it’s not immediately clear how removing the option to “like” a post or not would do that.

Indeed, trial lawyer Max Kennerly tweeted out his own opinion on the matter, suggesting in his own posting that getting rid of the “like” button would undoubtedly make things worse for debate.

“Eliminating the ‘like’ button will absolutely, certainly, 100% make the troll problem here way worse,” Kennerly wrote. “The most common interaction here is the ‘like,’ and it’s friendly and affirming. In new Twitter, the most common interaction will be a hostile reply. Who the hell wants that?”

Twitter has been criticized in the past for its failure to deal with harassing and sometimes threatening interactions on the site among problematic users. As previous reporting from Hill Reporter pointed out last week, a Twitter user recently noted how she was harassed and threatened weeks ago by Cesar Sayoc, the man accused of sending pipe bomb packages to notable liberals and critics of President Donald Trump.

Despite strong insinuations by Sayoc that suggested he could find a way to have the user who made the complaints killed, Twitter did nothing in response to his tweets, alleging that he did not violate their rules.

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