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Twitter Reams Rand Paul For Kentucky Tornado Aid Request After Denying Other States Relief Funds

Twitter Reams Rand Paul For Kentucky Tornado Aid Request After Denying Other States Relief Funds

While there’s nothing funny about the series of deadly tornadoes that roared across five states and left more than one hundred people dead in its path, Twitter users are certainly leaning on their dark sense of humor to tell Senator Rand Paul (Q-Moscow) just what they think of his demands for relief funds for his state when he made sure others went without during their own natural disasters.

Opposing federal disaster relief is one of Rand Paul’s favorite pastimes when he’s not busy getting into fights with his neighbor or spending July 4th in Moscow so he can hand-deliver mash notes from Trump to Putin, so when he dashed off a letter to President Biden asking for hundreds of millions in disaster aid just for Kentucky, Twitter did a collective head tilt and was like, “Really?”

Quick “Russian Rand” refresher: In 2011, Paul’s first year in the Senate, he was among 38 Republicans who voted against a major FEMA funding package despite the fact that his own state of Kentucky had been the nation’s largest recipient of FEMA funding ($293 million), mostly because of a 2009 ice storm. In 2013, Paul was one of 31 Republican senators who voted against a $50.5 billion relief aid package for the East Coast states impacted by Hurricane Sandy after previously supporting disaster aid for their home states. Instead of learning how bad that was, Paul was one of just 17 senators to oppose an emergency $15.3 billion federal relief bill in 2017 for victims of Hurricane Harvey.


But now Rand Paul wants all of the money because the tornado happened where he lives, so now it matters to him.


Sidebar: if you ever need to teach someone about hypocrisy, this is a good example.

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Watch out Rand, some of the dragging is coming from inside the House!

People also enjoyed pointing out that along with everything else that’s terrible about him, like he’s not really a doctor, there’s also that HAIR.

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