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Twitter Reacts to Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Bonkers, Unhinged Speech

Twitter Reacts to Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Bonkers, Unhinged Speech

Kimberly Guilfoyle took a winding path to the last nights RNC stage. She was once the First Lady of San Francisco, married to California’s Democratic Mayor Gavin Newsome. She spent a 12 year stint on Fox News and while with the channel, began dating Donald Trump Jr. She is now one of the campaign’s most important surrogate.

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All of that media training, however, didn’t come across during her Monday night speeach. While the speech was dark, it was hard to get a handle on it, because Guilfoyle was literally screaming. Twitter soon exploded, breaking down every aspect of the unhinged oration.

Singer Bette Midler tweeted, “Kimberly Guilfoyle knows her future father-in-law loves all caps, so that’s how she did her speech. “DO YOU LIKE ME NEW DADDY???”

George Takei also weighed in, comparing Guilfoyle’s speech to the much more subdued one delivered by Nikki Haley. “If you feed Kimberly Guilfoyle a Snickers bar, she’s back to being Nikki Haley.”

While many noted that Guilfoyle’s speech was tailormade for Saturday Night Live, political pundit Amanda Carpenter felt the actors had their work cut out for them. She wrote, “There will be movies made attempting to recreate the level of mania during the Trump era and no actress will ever, ever be able to capture the level of sheer frenzy we just witnessed by Kimberly Guilfoyle.”

The Views Sunny Hostin  was enraged that Guilfoyle referred to herself as an immigrant, even though she was born in Puerto Rico. Hostin tweeted, “Kimberly Guilfoyle is a first generation American??? Her people are from Aguadilla, PR. So is my grandfather. Puerto Ricans are American – last I checked. I’m horrified. And embarrassed as a fellow Latina. Shameful.”

Watch Guilfoyle’s speech here:


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