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Twitter Mocks Tucker Carlson’s Odd Pete Buttigieg ‘Yum’ Remark

Twitter Mocks Tucker Carlson’s Odd Pete Buttigieg ‘Yum’ Remark

On his Tuesday evening broadcast of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Fox News personality Tucker Carlson discussed at length his perception of the media’s fascination with South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a Democratic candidate running for president in 2020.

Citing other left-leaning commentators’ accolades for Buttigieg, Carlson lamented their shift away from Beto O’Rourke, another Democratic candidate for the party’s nomination. O’Rourke is being forgotten, Carlson suggested, for a “younger, hotter candidate.”

“They split with some guy from Indiana and can’t even pronounce the guy’s name,” Carlson added.

Carlson then went on to describe his views of how the media was embracing Buttigieg, using language that caught the attention of others on social media.

“They don’t just want to vote for this guy, they want to consume him like a hearty stew,” Carlson said on Tuesday night in a deep baritone voice. “Every last drop of Buttigieg. Yum. They’re all in.”

Users on social media were quick to voice their concern for the Fox News personality’s puzzling commentary.


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Carlson isn’t the only Fox News commentator to lament the rising star status of Buttigieg’s recently announced candidacy. Jedediah Bila, one of the co-hosts on the network’s morning program “Fox & Friends,” also expressed concern over Buttigieg’s ideals and support for progressive causes.

“He speaks beautifully, he’s very nuanced, people need to look beyond that and actually look at the policies he supports,” Bila said recently, per reporting from The Advocate. “Because everyone’s saying, ‘Oh, maybe he’s a little more moderate.’ He’s actually not. He is a hard left guy. He is a Medicare for All, Paris Climate Agreement, Green New Deal guy.”

In spite of Bila’s disparaging comments about Buttigieg’s support of certain ideas, polling demonstrates that Americans back ideas like those espoused in the Green New Deal, as well as backing programs to expand health insurance coverage toward a single-payer model.

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