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Twitter Loses It After George W. Bush Comments on Afghanistan

Twitter Loses It After George W. Bush Comments on Afghanistan

While the world watched the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban on Monday, former Republican President George W. Bush shared his thoughts on the withdrawal of American troops from the longest war that the United States has ever waged.

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Ex-President Donald Trump negotiated a surrender to the Taliban last year and President Joe Biden has followed through with it, although its execution has been predictably rocky.

But much anger still stews among the American people toward the 43rd commander in chief, who deceived the nation into two unnecessary and brutal conflicts following the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001. Some experts even view him as a war criminal.

“Laura and I have been watching the tragic events unfolding in Afghanistan with deep sadness. Our hearts are heavy for both the Afghan people who have suffered so much and for the Americans and NATO allies who have sacrificed so much,” Bush said in a statement that was posted to the Bush Center’s website. “Laura and I, along with the team at the Bush Center, stand ready as Americans to lend our support and assistance in this time of need. Let us all resolve to be united in saving lives and praying for the people of Afghanistan.”

For any reader who is too young to remember, neither Afghanistan nor Iraq was responsible for the events of 9/11, and our presence in both countries was supposed to be brief.

Bush’s lack of contrition for starting the 20-year conflict was particularly bothersome.

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Bush has maintained a mostly-inconspicuous post-presidency life, and a lot of people would prefer that it stay that way.


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