Twitter Locks Down Conspiracy-Minded Infowars Accounts

Twitter has had it with false information being spread on their platform, and they are making good on that crackdown.

Right Wing Watch reports that four accounts associated with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his Infowars empire have been permanently suspended. One was even previously verified with a blue checkmark.

Image of Alex Jones via Michael Zimmerman/Wikimedia

Twitter says that the accounts violated their guidelines regarding imitation and spam, in particular the rule about “creating accounts to replace or mimic a suspended account.”

The bans on Alex Jones and Infowars started as early as September 2018, when they realized the accounts regularly violated Twitter’s rules. According to CNN, the accounts were banned “in part, for attempting to help InfoWars and its founder, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, circumvent the ban Twitter placed on them.”

Circumventing bans is a big, big no no on most major social media platforms. It is quite difficult to get permanbanned in the first place, so the offenses must already be especially egregious.

Several Infowars sites remain, though, even under their usual handles, though the sit’s owner, Alex Jones, has been gone for awhile now. However, they have been circumventing the bans by having handles that look like legitimate news organizations but that are actually run by Infowars employees and are still putting out the same conspiracy theories as “news” to their followers.

Twitter seems to mean business, though, and this time, the circumvents of the bans are likely to be quite short-lived.

If you want to know which accounts are actually run by Infowars, just look for names like “Summit News” and “Action News 7.”

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