Twitter Labels Trump Tweets For Promoting False Information

Twitter tagged the Tweets of President Donald Trump for his misleading statements on mail-in voting. There were two tweets that were flagged, and this is the first time that the favorite social media platform of the President has ever issued such a warning against the Tweeter-In Chief.

The tweets had no factual basis, stating that mail-in ballots are likely to be “substantially fraudulent” and that people will “rob” mailboxes and “forge” or “illegally print out” ballots. All 50 states have very strong protections in place to guard against such types of fraud.

The tag by Twitter comes with a hyperlink that says, “Get the facts about mail-in ballots.” The President has recently been on a tirade against mail-in ballots. Trump also just recently cast his own absentee ballot in Florida. Trump recently threatened to withhold funds from both Nevada and Michigan over the issue of mail-in ballots.

The internet was quick to react to Trump’s tweet storm. Widespread election fraud of the type that Trump is talking about is incredibly rare. In fact, there’s just no significant evidence of intentional voter fraud on anything near the scale Trump and his allies allege. Never has been. According to a study By Loyola Law School Professor, Justin Leavitt studied over 1 billion absentee ballots cast between 200 and 2014. He investigated instances “where people may have pretended to be someone else at the polls.”

In the 2016 election, in which more than 135 million votes were cast, there were a total of four documented cases of voter fraud, according to The Washington Post’s Philip Bump.
Then there’s this: The most recent example of actual voter fraud — in 2018 — came at the hands of a Republican operative in a Republican primary running an absentee ballot scheme.

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