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Twitter Is Having a Field Day With Donald Trump’s Bogus Lawsuit Against the Internet

Twitter Is Having a Field Day With Donald Trump’s Bogus Lawsuit Against the Internet

Former President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that he is filing a class-action lawsuit against the social media platforms which have banned him, claiming that Facebook, Google, and Twitter conducted “illegal, shameful censorship of the American people.” Almost immediately, legal experts and other conscious observers easily dismantled Trump’s complaint, which – surprise, surprise – turns out to be another fundraising scam.

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“For a short time, you can INCREASE your impact by 500%,” Trump wrote in an email to supporters on Wednesday afternoon.

Huffington Post‘s White House correspondent S.V. Dáte noted on Twitter that there is no class to which Trump belongs other than “Presidents who lost re-election and then tried to overthrow American democracy to remain in power.”

Eli Honig, a legal analyst at CNN, pointed out that “the First Amendment applies to governmental actors, not private companies.”

Further, Trump’s lawsuit invokes a law that he made up.

Naturally, the real story is that Trump is seeking attention and money.


But it was conservative lawyer George Conway who provided the best takedown of Trump’s doomed-to-fail lawsuit.

“I’ve skimmed former guy’s complaint against Facebook and it’s every bit as stupid as you’d think it is. It’s stupid on so many levels it’s head-spinning,” Conway wrote.

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“It’s insane enough that he’s claiming Facebook’s a state actor. Yes, in extreme cases, if otherwise, non-state actors are acting in cahoots with the government, they can become state actors. But that’s an absurdly hard thing to show, and nothing like that occurred here. But what makes this meta-insane is that he’s claiming that the Facebook [sic] was a FEDERAL state actor because it was entangled with the FEDERAL government at a time when HE WAS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES,” Conway continued.

“The defendants need to file a Rule 11 motion with their motion to dismiss,” he said.

“Not only that, and this is just another hypocrisy point, not a real legal point since the case is frivolous no matter what, his state-action argument is based upon Democratic legislators threatening to repeal 230–which was something *former guy* also did on multiple occasions,” Conway said, adding that Trump’s attorneys must be a gang of fools, considering how poorly his previous counsels have been treated.

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